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It's official, Spring is here, and now is a great time to get your home and yard ready for the months to come. Even though the days are getting longer, there's still limited time each day, so these tasks are easy to accomplish in a weekend.
Wash Windows and Clean Window Covers:
Windows are a vital part of your home in the winter; it's no secret they take the brunt of inclement weather, building up dust and dirt during the winter months. Kick start your spring with a deep clean, both inside and out, of your home's windows.
After attacking the windows, clean your window coverings. Wash or dry clean draperies, vacuum cellular blinds, or dust and wipe down wood shutters.
Clean Up Clutter:
We all love our belongings, but our homes can become pretty cluttered during the winter months. Take a couple minutes to assess each area of your home, and make a list of items that can be stored away until Autumn. Put away heavy winter clothing; sweep, mop, or vacuum heavily trafficked areas, and do a quick clean up of any items that are out of place.
Clear Gutters and Downspouts:
Your home's gutters and downspouts are vital in the fall and winter, and the spring is the perfect time to clear and clean them in preparation for spring showers. Before tackling this task, have a receptacle ready for refuse. Also don't forget to stretch - going up and down the ladder multiple times can definitely be a workout!
Clean Up the Yard:
The winter can take a toll on your yard, especially if it's been under a foot of snow for the past few months. Once the weather has improved, do a quick yard clean up. Rake away leaves, collect tree branches/twigs, and dispose of any other yard clutter you may find. After the yard's done, prune and trim trees and shrubs to prepare them for the growing months to come. The trees are budding and the spring bulbs are bursting through the soil. Bring the beauty of the season inside with a vase of beautiful spring flowers (allergies, children, and pets permitting!).
Happy Spring!