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The short list of things people are most afraid of shouldn’t include the property. But if the home’s staging brings undead design fads back to life, like circular beds, buyers may run for the door..
Toilet Seat Covers: Adding toilet rugs or furry seat covers to the commode may be the worst offense of all.
Inspirational Quote Art: Tired sayings, such as “love you to the moon and back,” may be losing popularity.
Popcorn Ceilings: It’s cumbersome to remove and often attracts asbestos.
Ruffles and Florals: Designers called floral chintz furniture one of the biggest design horrors of the past 50 years.
Wallpaper Borders: Ivy and floral wallpaper borders may now be outdated.
Hollywood Vanity Lights: Harsh lighting has been replaced with warmer, softer fixtures like wall sconces.
Round Beds: Furniture with curves is a re-emerging trend, but it never should have included beds.
Wood Paneling: The outdated look can put a room in an instant time warp.
Vertical Blinds: Designers now think the trend can make a room look outdated.
Artificial Fruit: Real fruit is a stager’s favorite trick to dress up a countertop.