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Social distancing doesn't have to prohibit your ability to buy a home. Even with the Coronavirus interrupting many aspects of life, finding your next home is still possible – though the process for house hunting, making an offer and conducting due diligence may be a bit different. Many people also don’t want to lose out on the opportunity to lock in low mortgage rates.
Online House-Hunting Options
Looking online for information about houses for sale is likely already part of your process. Searching neighborhoods for available properties that meet your criteria is an excellent way to get started and also make use of the additional time you're spending at home.
Also take advantage of house-hunting apps, which make it easy to search for available homes, view photos of listings and look up property information from your phone or mobile device. Try My Mobile App 
Virtual and Live Video House Tours
Looking at photos online can only show you so much, but there’s a good chance you’re hesitant to spend a day touring houses, let alone visit an open house with other people in attendance. If there’s no virtual tour offered, a thorough and experienced real estate agent may be willing to tour a home with you on a video call, showing you details and opening closets and cabinets upon request.
Email, Text and Phone Calls for Questions and Negotiating
Once you’ve found the home you want to buy, you fortunately won’t experience any different processes here by avoiding social contact. Text, emails and phone calls with your agent can help you work out the details of an offer. After that, your real estate agent will communicate in the same manner with the listing agent.
Electronic Document Signing
Electronic signatures are frequently used today regardless of a public health crisis.
When it comes time to make details official for an offer or go under contract on a home, keep an eye out for texts or emails from your real estate agent with electronic signature options.
What About Things That Must Be Conducted in Person?
Ultimately, there are some parts of the homebuying process you can’t or won’t want to proceed with without an in-person meeting. Still, it's possible to take precautions to protect yourself – it may simply require a bit more preparation and sanitation.
Secondary showing.
A virtual showing for the first showing, and if it needs to go to a second showing, a home visit in person with precautions taken.
Home Inspection
Inspections can continue as long as everyone involved takes the proper precautions: wearing gloves, declining handshakes and hopefully inspecting a recently disinfected home.
Prior to closing, it’s important to communicate with your real estate agent, title insurance company and mortgage lender about the best way to proceed with closing if it must be done in person. With proper precautions, a meeting like this will likely be in line with recommendations from local governments and the Centers for Disease Control about limiting the size of gatherings.
Please Note, if you’re feeling sick or have a fever, let the other individuals involved in the closing know ahead of time, as you may need to postpone.
FYI - Brokerages are developing Coronavirus Addendums to help with the uncertainty going forward regarding transactions.