Top Buyer and Seller Questions - Oro Valley Real Estate
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Do you need more space?
Looking for a bigger home, more bedroom or maybe a home with a larger yard? 
How is the market in my neighborhood?
Curious how the market is doing in your neighborhood or in a specific price range? 
How much down payment do I need to buy?
Have you often wondered how much down payment you need to buy a house? 3%, 5%, 10% or 20%? There are many options available to you. 
How much is my home worth?
Interested in selling your home and want to know what it's worth? 
If I buy now, will my home increase in value?
Home values in many areas are increasing and now is a great time to find out what’s going on in the market. 
Is it a buyers or sellers market?
The market is constantly changing from a buyers’ market to a sellers’ market. Talk to Me and we can review the current market conditions.
Need help finding a home near your work?
Find out what homes are for sale in neighborhoods near your work.
Thinking of buying your first home?
Looking to buy your first home.
Want to know what your monthly payment would be?
Want to know what your monthly payment would be, in a certain price range? 
What are the benefits of buying versus renting?
Want to get the most house for your money? I can show you the benefits of buying your own home versus renting. 
Will mortgage rates being going up?
Are you qualified for a home loan and want to know if rates will be going up or down?