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With the weather cooling down, it’s time to enjoy our beautiful weather once more. It’s the perfect time to spruce up small outdoor spaces so you can enjoy them all winter long.
When working in a small space, you want to draw the eye around the room. Using a color pallet bring cohesion to the space, while adding pops of lively color can help draw your eye around the room. If you aren’t into color pops, multiple textures can help bring variety without overwhelming the space.
The smaller the area, the more precious the floor space. When placing bigger pieces like furniture in your outdoor space, make sure pieces are multipurpose where possible. A bench seat with extra storage or a table with a built-in planter can help make the most of the space.
If the foot print of the room is small, then look up! The floor isn’t the only useful space when you get creative. Utilize vertical planters, such as repurposed shutters, tall tiered containers or wall mounted pots to expand the space upwards. You can also save space on the floor by using a ceiling or overhead beam to hang lights, plants, or décor.
This extension of your home should feel like just that so make sure you infuse your space with the things that make you happy. Take inspiration from anything that can – the décor of your favorite restaurant, the pattern from your favorite outfit, the line of your dream car, the art that your kids make, the color of your dream car… you get the idea.
At the end of the day, clever use of your outdoor space is a great opportunity to expand your home. This is especially useful in a state like ours with almost year-round perfect weather. There are a million ideas out there, so get out there and enjoy that space!