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Smart tools make independence easier and safer than ever.
Aging in place is the hottest housing trend for modern seniors. You may remain in your current home or you may choose to downsize, but aging in place means staying independent and living on your own terms, regardless of your age or abilities.
Your home itself is the key to successful aging in place. Getting older comes with a new set of challenges, but with the right safety upgrades and tech tools, your home will keep you safe and comfortable in your golden years.
Here are smart safety upgrades you may want to consider installing.
Smart lights
Stop fumbling for light switches and stubbing your toes in the dark. Install smart lights that turn themselves on when you need them. You can program them to turn on when you enter the room, or set them to a specific schedule.
From your smartphone, you can adjust them from anywhere, whether you are at home or on the go. Smart lights mean you never have to walk through your home in the dark again.
Automatic stove shut-off
Cooking fires are the number one cause of all home injuries. An automatic stove shut-off senses if you are near the stove, and turns off the heat if it is unattended too long. We all have “senior moments” where we get distracted and forget what we were doing, but that moment can turn dangerous when it comes to cooking. Add an automatic shut-off to your stove to reduce the risk of accidental fires in your kitchen.
Medical alert system
When you live alone, it’s important to have a quick way to get help in an emergency. A medical alert system provides you with personalized help in seconds. If you press the device’s button or it detects a fall, it automatically calls for help. A trained operator will come on the line, make sure you are safe, and send help from your personalized list of responders. Seconds matter in an emergency, and a medical alert system makes sure you get help fast.
Monitored smoke alarm
If a fire starts when you’re asleep or not at home, your smoke alarm may go unheard. A monitored smoke alarm makes sure you know it has gone off. If the alarm sounds, you’ll get a call to check that you’re okay. This guards against false alarms. If you don’t answer, are not home, or need help, the operator can send the fire department for you. Your home will call for help on its own, helping you and your belongings stay safe.
Smart home security
Smart home security uses sophisticated cameras and sensors to keep you safe. The system learns your daily routine and notifies you when something is amiss. You can check the video streams to see who’s ringing your doorbell, or be notified if you’ve left the garage door open. You can even let your family into your house remotely. Smart home security is like having an invisible butler who is constantly checking that your home is secure.
Medication dispenser
When you have a lot of pills to take, it can be difficult to keep track of them — and it’s dangerous to lose count. A medication dispenser with automatic daily reminders makes it easy to remember your medication schedule. The dispenser keeps track so you have one less thing to worry about.
House-cleaning robots
Don’t spend your golden years doing chores or paying a service to come clean your house. Rather than dealing with unwieldy tools, clean with the push of a button. Let your house clean itself so you can sit back and relax.
Simple upgrades for safety
Why wait to upgrade your home with these tech tools? With today’s technology, you can live independently for years to come.
Enjoy your retirement with a home that takes care of itself and looks out for you. The future is here, and smart home technology makes living alone easier and safer than ever.