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Better marketing, promoting the good about your home and building trust with the buyers.
Valuable improvement advice
Helps sellers prioritize which improvements and upgrades to complete before listing and what to use as selling points.
More negotiating power
When you already know the issues that are going to come up during the buyer’s inspection, you can price accordingly, which will give you stronger negotiating power.
Time saved
With all the information about your home (good and bad) already out in the open, you won’t have to worry about a lot of renegotiating once the buyer does their inspection.
You’ll attract serious buyers
If a buyer is already informed about what’s in your pre-inspection and wants to move forward with the purchase anyway, it’s a good sign that they’re a serious buyer.
Opportunity to oversee the repair
If you can complete the repairs before listing, you have control over the contractor you use (and the budget), or you can even DIY the smaller projects. 
It may not be worthwhile to get a pre-inspection if your home is relatively new, you’ve made updates recently or you already know there are issues and you don’t have the money to make repairs before listing.
Buyers know that maintenance and repairs are just part of owning a home. So anything that you can point out as recently repaired or upgraded can be very attractive to buyers.