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House hunting can be stressful for many buyers, but long-distance house hunting can be overwhelming, especially if you're searching in a city or area you've never lived in. If you need to find a home in a different city or are looking to move cross country, the following suggestions can make the process as stress free as possible.
Find An Experienced Relocation Agent
One of the most important things you can do when trying to find a home in another city is to find the right agent. Many agents can help you find a home, but you want to find someone experienced in relocation. He or she will need to be willing to look at properties for you, be able to send you pictures, videos, and even do live tours via cellphone, tablet or drone, as well as be available if/when you get to visit the area. You also need to find someone who will find properties that fit your tastes, not just match a specific number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Since you won't be there in person, you want to make sure whomever you pick to represent you on your home search knows everything you want and need in a property, all the way down to the overall feel and mood of the home.
Research the Area
When you live in an area for some time, it's easy to take for granted the things you love about your community. When planning to move a different city, remember to do your research to find those similar traits in your new destination. Be open to new opportunities that have not been available in your current area. It can be a positive part of the move. The internet is the first place to go for community information, stores, medical centers, and other important amenities. Check to see how safe the community is and if you have children, also consider the quality of the schools and childcare in the area, like licensed daycares and preschools. You might want to find out what outdoor activities are nearby, such as parks or community gardens. Research is vital when relocating to a new area and can ensure you're comfortable in your new place.
Visit Before Moving
If you are moving to another city, there's nothing better than visiting in person. You can do as much internet research as possible, but physically visiting the city will give you insights you cannot garner through a website. Take this time to meet with your agent and visit neighborhoods, check out schools, see where the shopping is, and get a feel for local traffic. If you have a specific area or community you're looking at, you can see how walk-friendly the community is, whether there's ample public transportation, or whether you'll need a vehicle to get around. Visiting is a must if you're house hunting long distance. If you have the means, visit more than once to get a true understanding of the area.
Before you move, find an experienced agent, spend ample time doing thorough research, and plan a trip to your new destination. All these steps will help make the process a little easier in finding the perfect home in the best location.