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Completing a home improvement project is always an exciting event, especially if you did it yourself. But not all homeowners find joy in DIY -- many end up regretting their decision. If you're debating whether to embark on a large DIY project or call a professional, read on to find the projects that many homeowners end up regretting they didn't hire out.
Top Regretted DIY Projects
The cost of renovating or updating your home can be high, especially if you have grand ideas. One way to help cut cost is to do the project yourself. But, be warned -- many end up wishing they'd hired someone once the project was finished.
When it comes to DIY, there are specific projects that homeowners regret the most:
Installing Floor Tiles
Replacing a Ceiling
Installing/Refinishing Hardwood Floors
Installing Carpet
Installing Sprinklers
Installing Shower/Bath
Refinishing Cabinets
The Issues That Come Up
There are many reasons why a homeowner regretted a project. Some of the top reasons included: the project took longer than expected to complete; it was physically more difficult than expected (this comes up many times for finishing cabinets and replacing a ceiling); the project was technically harder than expected; the overall costs were more than assumed at the beginning (common for bathroom projects); the project resulted in damage to the property; the homeowner was injured in the process; and one of the top reasons was that the finished project did not look as good as the homeowner wanted.
Other reasons cited were that many projects needed additional space to accommodate the project, the project took weeks to finish, the project was permanent and the issues couldn't be fixed without redoing the entire project, and in the end the homeowner had to call a professional to finish the job.
If You Really Want To DIY
As a homeowner, you shouldn't shy away from a DIY project if you feel comfortable enough to get your hands dirty. But, do some small projects before you jump into a full house renovation. Get educated -- if you're thinking of doing a specific project, brush up on the common pitfalls of the project and find out what other issues homeowners have had when they did it themselves. Start with more simple projects, where the stakes are low, and you can build upon your experience.
Remember to be cautious -- don't take on more than you can, especially if you're brand new to DIY. If you've done all you can, and it still seems like too much, you're not a failure if you have to call a professional -- you're a cautious homeowner looking to get the job done.