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After a summer spent avoiding even a glance at the oven, it’s time to slip back into the kitchen. If you find yourself not quite in love with the look you’re rocking in this essential room, but reluctant to renovate so close to cooking the holiday meal, consider simply spicing up your cabinets. Cabinets are a focal point of any kitchen, so any TLC spent there is time well spent.
Swap out outdated hardware. Easy to do and easy on the wallet, this option is a true win-win. While not guaranteed to be the most impactful option, if your kitchen is just a step away from perfection, this could be that step. This is also the most renter-friendly suggestion.
Paint your cabinets. While somewhat time intensive, this project can be planned out over a few days and leave you with a stunning, cost-effective update. Even decades old cabinetry can be upgraded with a fresh coat.
Replace or remove cabinet doors. While you could do all the doors, just a change in the upper cabinet doors will completely change the look of the room. Even completely removing the doors gives you the look of fresh floating shelves and allows you to display your prized collection of kitchen supplies. If you do decide to remove the doors, remember that they can store more than just dishes, like cookbooks, artisan oils, or a favorite tchotchke.