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Crafting a picturesque charcuterie board has become a fixation on social media platforms. Celebrities and social media influencers such as Chrissy Teigen create what is now being dubbed the 'adult lunchable'. Charcuterie boards are delicious, with less prepping and cooking than a full-on meal, making them an excellent alternative for lunch or even dinner. Charcuterie boards are also easily adaptable to meet the stringent requirements of serving food during COVID. Charcuterie can be served on individual plates or platers for close friends or family you might have over.
Food experts recommend that when creating a charcuterie board to use three kinds of cheese and three kinds of meat, and plan for one ounce of each type of cheese and meat per person. For your mix of cheeses, including a soft cheese such as goat cheese or brie, mix in a hard cheese like aged Gouda or Manchego. To bring in some flavor, consider a blue cheese as your third option. For meats, consider Prosciutto, Serrano, or hard salami, don't forget to play around with texture when choosing your meats and cheeses. Now it's time to consider your accompaniments like bread or crackers, add a pickled item and some mustard, a sweet compote or jam, some spiced nuts, and local honey.
Whether it's crafting a board for one, or making a few serving platers for friends, Bon appetite!