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How to decide where to live. Keeping an open mind, decide what you can and can’t live without. Because a neighborhood that checks all your boxes will likely be more expensive, prioritizing your criteria ahead of time can make the selection process easier — especially if you’re moving into a competitive market.
How walkable is it?
Choosing an area with high walkability and alternative transportation options, like rideshare services or public transportation, may allow you to minimize or forgo car expenses, like gas, insurance and depreciation. With that extra money in your budget, you may be able to afford a larger home. Going without a car means you’ll want to focus on urban centers and downtown areas, which tend to feature better transportation options and walk scores.
What will the commute look like if you have one?
While walkability to grocery stores and other staples is one factor, your proximity to work or school may be a separate consideration. Ask yourself; How close is the neighborhood to a location you’ll regularly commute to? You can quickly estimate drive times from any listing with your chosen map app, but the true test is to actually try the commute. If possible, try it with no traffic and in rush-hour conditions. Then ask yourself: Is this sustainable?
Is there any green space?
What does your prospective neighborhood offer in terms of nature? Studies increasingly indicate that exposure to nature and green spaces brings health benefits. What’s more, recent research suggests that the availability of accessible and usable green spaces is “significantly associated with neighborhood satisfaction.” Further, if you have canine friends or plan on getting some, nearby parks are indispensable.
What’s the proximity to friends and family?
Social connections can help us go far, and renters and home buyers need to consider how important being close to family and/or friends is when they decide where to live. Research suggests that even the mere sense of social connectedness can enhance “achievement motivation” — the will to get things done. In good times and in bad, you’ll be thankful you chose a place that’s near your loved ones and dear friends.
Do you feel a sense of community?
Beyond friends and family, community is, of course, another way to find social connectedness. This includes those who live on your street or apartment building. Is there access to nearby groups or activities that align with your interests? Is there a homeowner association? Or a management team that sponsors events and mixers in your apartment complex? Are there amenities that encourage social interaction, such as an arthouse theater, multiplex, recreation center or library? Are there common areas in your rental or apartment complex that might make it easier to meet others, such as dog parks or playrooms to meet fellow dog owners or parents?
Visit or stay in your prospective neighborhood before you commit.