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As many people across North America retire, active adult communities have become a popular option for those looking for rest and relaxation. These communities cater to adults 55 and over, with at least one resident within the property over the age of 55. From offered amenities and events, to their specific location, these communities are built specifically for older individuals looking to relax in retirement. Found all across North America, active adult communities can offer all types of housing: apartments, condos, and townhouses. If you're considering an active adult community, or you know someone who is, these are the important things to know before investing in an active adult community.
Active adult communities can be found all throughout North America. Many of these communities can be found in warmer climates (in the U.S, Florida and Arizona are highly popular states for these communities), but there's no need to move as they are located all throughout the U.S. and Canada. When considering the community, it’s important to consider the location. Is it close to other cities, or is it more remote? The location will also dictate the local taxes - some communities will have higher taxes than others, and there are areas known to be much friendlier to retirees than others. Also consider the community's proximity to airports (will you want family to visit?), medical centers (will you be able to have your doctors close by?), and other important services needed later in life.
The size of the community is an important part of the community experience for residents. Communities will range in size, from just a couple hundred residents to thousands. The larger the community, the more residents. Larger communities may offer more activities and amenities while smaller ones may be able to offer more comfort and relaxation with the reduced number of residents. If you're interested in maintaining an active lifestyle and making friends, a larger community may be a better choice than a smaller one. It's also important to note that a larger community may offer more deals or incentives to those looking to buy within the community.
Amenities are incredibly important when considering buying a home in an active adult community. When looking, ask about the amenities provided within the community: is there a golf course, tennis courts, clubhouse, recreation center, or arts and crafts studio? Are there any clubs, group activities, or social events? Does the community provide ample amenities to have an active lifestyle? Larger communities may have more regularly planned events than smaller ones. It's important to ask whether a membership is required to partake in any activities (especially with things like golf, tennis or the use of a clubhouse or recreation center). If so, a membership structure within the community may add extra yearly costs.
Homeowners Associations have become increasingly popular within planned communities, and 55+ communities are no different. An HOA may even have additional say on things compared to a regular neighborhood - for example, an HOA in an active adult community may be able to dictate whether a homeowner can grill outside, park a car on the street, and some may go as far as dictating the time of day a homeowner can have a conversation on a patio or deck. While an HOA helps maintain the look and feel of a community as a whole, an overbearing HOA or homeowners board can possibly make living in a retirement community not very enjoyable for some individuals. As is the case with traditional neighborhoods, an HOA may also likely come with a monthly or quarterly fee - if you're on a fixed retirement income, it's important to remember this potential additional cost and factor it into your final decision.
Retirement is an exciting time. Finding a community that supports retirees and provides a place for relaxation is important for many people.