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Oro Valley Real Estate - Bidding Wars


Cash offers are overwhelmingly the top way for home shoppers to emerge as a victor in a bidding war. An all-cash offer tends to double a buyer’s odds of getting their offer accepted when in a competitive buying situation for a home.
Followed by cash offers, writing a personal letter to the seller is the second most effective strategy to winning a bidding war. Writing a personal letter to the seller can increase a buyer’s odds by 59%. Waiving the financing contingency can increase a buyer’s chances by 20%.
Bidding War Strategies Ranked from Most to Least Effective:
All Cash
Client Letter
Waived Financing Contingency
Waived Inspection Contingency
Bidding wars are less common than previously, so an all-cash offer is often enough to make an offer the winning bid. Financed offers can fall through because the buyer can’t afford the purchase or the buyer is too risky a customer. Sellers value an offer they know isn’t dependent on financing.

Oro Valley Real Estate - Home Selling Stress


Selling a home is plenty stressful, and virtually no one is immune.
The greatest sources of stress involve uncertainty surrounding the timing and financial aspects of a sale.
Here are the main conditions for stress:
Not knowing if the home will sell in the desired time frame.
Uncertainty about being able to sell for the desired price.
Making improvements or preparing the home for sale.
Uncertainty or concern that an accepted offer may fall through.
Timing the sale with the purchase of another home.
Lack of control of the overall process or timeline.
Not knowing if the buyers were seriously interested.
Keeping the house constantly clean and ready for open houses and showings.
Negotiating with buyers.
Leaving the home for showings and open houses.
Younger sellers are more likely to say that any given aspect of selling is stressful.
One reason could be experience. Older sellers are more likely to have been through the process before.
Other stress conditions:
Finding a competitive interest rate on the home you're buying while also selling
Deciding whether to sell given the currently low interest rate you already have on the home you're selling.
Unexpected aspects of the overall selling process.

Oro Valley Real Estate - January 2020 Housing Report


In the Oro Valley area, December 2019 active inventory was 183, a 26% decrease from December 2018. There were 65 closings in December 2019, virtually unchanged from December 2018. Year-to-date 2019 there were 958 closings, a 5% increase from year-to-date 2018. Months of Inventory was 2.8, down from 3.8 in December 2018. Median price of sold homes was $325,000 for the month of December 2019, up 7% from December 2018. The Oro Valley area had 55 new properties under contract in December 2019, up 12% from December 2018.
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Oro Valley Real Estate - Save Money Moving


If you can postpone your move, you could save some major cash.

Most people choose to move in the summer months when the kids are out of school. The least expensive time of year to move is between October and April, so if it's possible to postpone your move, you could save some money.
You may also get better service during the off-months. Moving companies often hire part-time or seasonal employees to cover the extra demand. That means you may get less experienced workers during the peak season.
If it's imperative that you move during the summer, the day of the week and time of the month can also affect moving fees. Movers are often maxed out on summer weekends and at the beginning and end of the month when leases usually expire. Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the middle of the month are your best bet for rested workers and lower prices.
Ways to Cut Moving Costs
Downsize before you move
Schedule your relocation in the off-season
Get at least three in-home estimates
Don't get scammed by a rogue mover
Get budget packing supplies
Ask questions to unearth hidden costs
Get portable storage and delivery
Rent a truck for a totally DIY move
Get moving insurance
Deduct moving expenses from your taxes

Oro Valley Real Estate - New Flooring Choices


A new floor can be a big investment, so you want a surface that will last for years. Your floor choice is about balancing your needs with your style. What colors and patterns do you like? Think about how you use the room. Calculate your budget.
Choosing Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood floors are tough, beautiful and can work in most rooms in your home. Hardwood is the gold standard of flooring surfaces and can add to your home's value. It's classic, durable and hypoallergenic. Solid hardwood floors can be refinished over and over and over again. Keep in mind that hardwood floors can become dented or gouged, and they're susceptible to water damage.
Adding Laminate Floor
Laminate is tough, easy to clean and can give you the look of hardwood floors without the cost. It's affordable, durable, and resistant to stains, fading and moisture; it also won't harbor mold, mildew or allergens. Be aware that walking on laminate floors can produce a "hollow" sound, and damaged areas must be replaced rather than sanded or refinished.
Vinyl Floor Alternative
This surface looks better than you remember and can look like hardwood, tile or stone. Vinyl is an excellent choice for rooms that get a lot of traffic. It withstands water, and it doesn't easily dent, scratch, stain or fade. It's quiet and comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. It's warmer and more comfortable to stand on than most hard surfaces, and dropped dishes are less likely to break on it.
Linoleum Makes a Comeback
This practical and eco-friendly flooring is being rediscovered by homeowners. Along with being durable, fire-resistant, biodegradable and recyclable, linoleum contributes to good air quality. Linoleum is quiet, warm and comfortable. It comes in a variety of colors and designs, and it can be repaired if damaged.
Cork Flooring, a Natural Choice
Made from tree bark, cork floors are sustainable and come in a range of colors. Cork is a natural insulator, meaning it muffles sound and lowers energy bills. Cork floors can be left cork's natural color, stained or painted. Cork is an acoustic insulator. Its resilience makes it easy to stand on.
Flooring of Bamboo
This surface looks and wears like hardwood but it's more sustainable. Bamboo has become a popular floor choice, thanks to its natural beauty, sturdiness, and renewability. It's harder than most hardwoods, and helps reduce dependence on hardwoods.
Tile Is Tough Enough
Tile is durable and can give clean-lined elegance to floors throughout your home. With its versatility, durability, and cool elegance, it's no wonder tile floors are so popular. Tile can look rustic or cutting edge, and it can be installed in virtually any pattern. Tile comes in a range of shapes, sizes and colors and can be ceramic, stone, glass or metal. Tile is resistant to fire, stains, scratches, water, bacteria, and odors.
Concrete Floors Stand Out
Concrete is a stylish, durable choice for indoor floors. Its surface can be finished in various ways—with colors, stains, and aggregates—and given a textured surface or buffed until glassy. Concrete floors are extremely durable and easy to clean. Stain-proof, waterproof, and chic, give your room an sleek contemporary look.

Oro Valley Real Estate - 2020 Interior Design Trends


If your New Year's goal is to renovate or redecorate, here are a few fresh start ideas that will be trending in 2020!
Warm Neutrals. While neutrals may seem a bit tame, the color palette is making a strong comeback for 2020. It's an excellent choice for wall color and furniture, including sofas and bedding.
Velvet. The perfect mix of comfort and luxury, velvet is set to make a big splash in the form of living room sofas, chairs, and headboards ranging in color from vibrant blues and pinks to burnt oranges.
Maximalism. Big, bold, bright colors and patterns with colorful abstract paintings. While executing this technique will require some constraint, but in this case, more is more.
Bold Tile. Make your kitchen or bathroom stand out by incorporating bold patterned designs through color and texture variations.

Oro Valley Real Estate - All About the Saguaro Cactus


The saguaro cactus is the largest cactus in the United States, with an average life-span of 150-175 years, though some cactus are over 200 years old! The saguaro cactus can reach over 40-feet in height, and won't start developing branches until around 50-70 years.

The saguaro cactus only grows in the Sonoran Desert of the U.S. and Mexico due to freezing temps and higher altitudes outside the region. White flowers begin to bloom from May to June, followed by bright-red fruits. The cactus is mostly composed of water and can weigh up to 6-tons.
The saguaro cactus is vital in contributing to the circle of desert life. The saguaro cactus provides both food and shelter for a variety of dessert creatures. Small birds build nest cavities within the cactus, and larger birds use sticks to build a nest among the cactus arms. Flowers, fruit, and flesh provide nectar, moisture, and food for birds, bats, insects, reptiles, and mammals throughout the year.
The biggest threat to the Saguaro cactus is risk due to fire from new exotic plants being introduced into our vegetation, such as buffelgrass that makes the spread of fire more rampant. Whether you're out hiking, biking, or driving through Tucson, the Saguaro cactus is always an amazing sight to see.

Oro Valley Real Estate - Resolving Your Resolutions


As we shift into both a New Year and a new decade, it leaves us with the opportunity for retrospection and evaluation of what we want out of life. It's the perfect opportunity to set goals and establish important lifestyle choices. Popular resolutions range from eating right to reading more, and by looking at the top 6 New Year resolutions, hopefully, it can inspire you to accomplish your goals in 2020.
Eat Healthier. Switching to a healthy diet can be challenging with so many temptations, especially when emotional eating can impede your progress. Having some excellent restaurants focused on healthy foods can help you more easily achieve your goal. Urban Fresh on East Pennington Street features fresh, local, plant-based options to fuel your body or Choice Greens located on Speedway has fresh and healthy choices, including salads, sandwiches, and paninis. Picking up local ingredients at the St. Philip's Plaza or Heirloom Farmers Market is a great way to source healthy local ingredients to make delicious home-cooked meals.
Get in Shape. While motivation can move you in January, a foundation of good habits will carry you throughout the year. Building habits is difficult, so make it easy on yourself in the beginning. Getting in shape with others can be an excellent motivator, and Let's Sweat Fitness locations throughout Tucson are great options to help keep you accountable.
Save Money. It's nice to build up a rainy day fund, save for a trip, or work towards a down payment on a home. Setting specific goals, automating transfers to savings, and tracking your spending to get financially ahead in 2020 will set you up for long-term success. Awareness of how you spend your money and adopting a frugal mindset can help you save big in the New Year.
Focus on Self-Care. Having better self-care in 2020 includes building your confidence, self-esteem, and focusing on the positives in your life. Getting out into the community can help you develop personally in the New Year, and volunteering at organizations such as Pima Animal Care Center or Habitat for Humanity Tucson can help you connect with others and build your inner strength.
Read More. Books are an excellent source of knowledge and excitement, and it is also a great way to keep your brain sharp. Develop a habit of reading by stopping into local book shops such as Antigone Books on 4th Ave or find a classic at Bookman's locations.
Make New Friends. It's easy to want to stay at home and relax, but you would be missing out on the enhanced mental-wellbeing that comes from meeting new people. Social networking sites such as lists events happening in our local area, or joining groups that align with your hobbies is one of the best ways to meet friends with common interests.

Oro Valley Real Estate - Make Small Spaces Feel Bigger


Thoughtful paint choices

Choosing the right paint color for your small room can instantly give the impression of more space. Traditional neutrals like white, cream and light gray are great choices, because they provide a clean and streamlined look that makes the room feel brighter and more expansive. Painting the ceiling white to draw the eye upward is an easy way to create visual openness overhead. You’ll have an airy and inviting space in no time.
Savvy storage
Tight spaces don’t often come with great storage. The kitchen is a great place to implement clever storage solutions. Create an adjustable cooking area with roll-away islands and pantries. Hang spices or wine glasses beneath your cupboards. Attach holders to the backs of cabinet doors to keep foil and cleaning supplies neatly out of sight.
Don’t forget to look up! The ceiling is a great place to hang big items like bicycles, and you can add shelving high up in closets for rarely used items.
Multitasking furniture
When you have limited floor space, it’s important to make your furniture work double duty. Choose pieces that have hidden storage and multiple functions or furniture that you can compact and store when not in use. If you can’t fit a dresser in your bedroom, try using drawers or crates under the bed for clothing and extra linens. A pouf or leather ottoman can easily transition from a seat to a footrest or side table. Add function to your entryway by employing a bench with storage inside to hide extra shoes, gloves and scarves. And if you have wall space to spare, hang a fold-down dining table.
With creative thinking, you can go from a cluttered, cramped mess to an organized and inviting space with room for all.

Oro Valley Real Estate - Home Health Hazards


How to detect and avoid five of the most common household hazards.
You know you have mold growing in your home if you smell an earthy, musty scent. Though mold exposure won’t severely harm the average person, repeated exposure is not advised for your health. Luckily, you can prevent mold by keeping your home dry, running the exhaust fan when taking a shower, and purchasing a dehumidifier in the summer. If you do find black mold in your home, contact a professional who can safely remove the mold and eliminate the water source feeding it.
Exposed asbestos
Asbestos was a commonly used building material up until the mid-20th century, when it was determined to be a very dangerous carcinogen that causes cancer. Though builders aren’t legally allowed to use asbestos in building materials and other products anymore, traces of it are often found in older homes. Asbestos is not harmful to you if you don’t disturb it. Handling asbestos is a dangerous task, and professionals have the equipment to remove it safely without risking your health.
Carbon monoxide poisoning
Carbon monoxide poisoning kills thousands of people each year and occurs when there’s too much carbon monoxide in your blood. Improperly ventilated appliances like stoves, water heaters and gas appliances can release carbon monoxide. Improperly cleaned chimneys cause smoke to circulate throughout the home which can also give you carbon monoxide poisoning. Call a professional if you have any doubts about the safety and security of your appliances or ventilation within your home.
Seven people in the U.S. die each day from house fires. Most of these house fires are the result of normal, everyday use of appliances, candles and cooking equipment. The most surprising fire starter, however, lives in the laundry room. Dryers are the number one cause of house fires.
To prevent house fires, ensure that your appliances have the right rating before you plug them into outlets. Always extinguish candles after usage and carefully watch the stove when cooking.
Slippery bathroom surfaces
The bathroom is often ranked as the most dangerous room in the home. Wet, slippery surfaces often lead to falls. Bathtubs, especially, are an area where you can hit your head. As we get older, bathroom safety gets more pertinent, so it’s a great idea to install things like grab bars or a walk-in tub for ease of use as you age. Be sure to wipe down any wet surfaces, and place bath mats by the sink and tub to prevent bathroom falls.
Keep tabs on your home
Taking the time to slow down and keep your home safe is essential for any homeowner. Give your home a monthly, semiannual and annual checkup to keep it in tip-top condition for years to come.
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