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Oro Valley Real Estate OverPriced Homes


Oro Valley Real Estate Properties Priced Right SELL
Increase showings Bring more interested buyers
Creates ease in the appraisal process
Keeps the prime market momentum – the first 30 days
Sends a message to buyers about your motivation to sell
Over-Priced Properties SIT
Help sell the competition
Reduce showings
Lose buyers unwilling to negotiate
Can cause appraisal problems
Lose the prime market momentum – the first 30 days
Send a message to your buyers about your motivation
Net the seller less
It is important to remember that the value
of your home is ultimately not set by you,
but rather by the amount of money a buyer
is willing to pay for it at any given time

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Oro Valley Real Estate Maintain Carpets


Maintaining Your Carpets

April 28, 2015

Maintaining Your Carpets

It is known that one of the first impressions a person gets of a home is the condition of the floors. If the floors are not in a decent condition or if the color of the flooring isn’t a modern decorating color scheme, people may have a negative impression of the home. Here are some tips for keeping your existing carpet clean and beautiful:

Stain Removal: Immediate removal of stains helps avoid its absorption of the carpet. A helpful technique for removing stains is to use a blot motion, rather than rubbing the affected area. This helps to not expand the stain into the fibers of the carpet.

Take Your Shoes Off: A cost efficient and easy way to reduce the amount of dirt in your home is to simply remove your shoes before entering your home.

Use of Mats: Incorporating mats strategically into your home can be greatly helpful in being a catch-all for dirt and other grime tracked in from the outside. It is helpful to place door mats by all exterior doors and area rugs to protect high traffic areas such as around chairs and couches.

Regular Vacuuming: For routine removal of dirt and filth, your carpets should be vacuumed regularly. In addition, the bags of your vacuum should be replaced on a regular basis in order to achieve optimal results.

Carpet Steaming: Steaming is extremely helpful for removing deeply rooted dirt as well as killing bacteria. The technique uses a hot water steam to break through the fibers. You should typically allow 3-4 days for drying of the carpet before you walk on it or move furniture back to place.

The flooring throughout the house should be considered when deciding if an update is in order, not just carpets, but kitchen and bathroom flooring as well. For many homes, even a base grade flooring replacement will make a big difference.