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Oro Valley Real Estate Mortgage Nightmare


Oro Valley Real Estate Mortgage Nightmare-Started Popping Lorazepam by the Truck Load. Check these beauties Then Try and Get a Loan. I decided to refinance my home with Bank… of America where I had my financial accounts. I have 800 credit, money in the bank, income and wanted a 110K loan on a home appraised at $410K. Easy-No Way. These Idiots, the one’s that helped sink the market when giving loans to anyone who breathed during the boom, bought Countrywide Mortgage-bad move- and who should all be in San Quentin instead of drinking Cocktails in the Caribbean took over 3 months, hours of my time and needed everything but my shirt size to get the loan. That was 4 years ago. Today the economy is supposedly better, or that is what Wall Street and the Media is Spinning. Guess What. Home Mortgages and Refinances are Getting Tougher. WHERE ARE THE COMMON SENSE LOANS? See More

Oro Valley Real Estate-Are Foreclosures A Dog?


Oro Valley Real Estate Beautiful Foreclosure-Maybe Not The price may look right but generally they are sold as-is. The roof could be a patch job, mold, poly piping, leaking pool and the list goes on. So a price of $250k sounds good, but with $50k in repairs, which will have to be paid for in cash, as getting a line of credit on top of 20% down is next to impossible with these Cry Baby Lenders. You may be Buying a Lemon.

Oro Valley Real Estate Pool or No Pool

a5Oro Valley Real Estate Pool or No Pool–to-3.asp
Do you buy a home with a pool already in, or put a new pool in later? All depends. Pools depreciate like a new car, so putting a new pool in can be bad financially. But an old pool can be a pain in maintenance, never mind maybe be wrongly positioned in the back yard. A new pool comes with warranties and all the latest features-auto-fill being essential in Arizona. This is an Open Discussion with No Right Answer. What Do You Think?

How to Almost Lose a Million Bucks

a7Ever Lost a Million Bucks? Here’s Almost How!


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At the time, I supposed the agent didn’t show us the flyer because it wasn’t his listing.  My wife and I were looking for a 2-bedroom home under $200,000.  I spotted the flyer on his desk when he stepped out of his office to get us a map showing the Oro Valley listings he wanted us see. The flyer showed a glorious property on a golf course for only $149,000. I snatched it off his desk and shoved it in my coat pocket.
Beth read the home’s details as I drove as quickly as possible while trying to imagine owning a home in Oro Valley. “It says here it’s one acre with an art gallery entrance and the elementary school is Painted Sky.” “Of course it could already be sold,” I said trying to protect myself from disappointment. A house like this in Oro Valley for only $149,000 would have hundreds of people ready to buy.  I hoped we would be able to find a parking place. “It’s also got a pool.” Beth patted her bulging belly and sighed.  “I thought we decided no pool until the baby is old enough.”  The baby was due any day now and Beth was more than ready. “We’ll manage,” I assured her.  I wasn’t going to let a little thing like a fantastic pool stop us from getting the home of our dreams.
As we approached the area, we realized that Stone Canyon was a gate guarded community in Oro Valley but as we got closer we noticed the gate was open and unguarded. So we drove right in.  Oddly there was a parking space right in front of the property. “This is odd,” I said. “Odd?  It’s unbelievable,” Beth whispered. She could hardly believe her eyes. “I mean, I expected more people here.  Maybe it is sold but let’s go see.” So we walked up a stone path surrounded by a massive rock garden with Saguaros and wispy desert flowers.  The agent’s description did not do the property justice.
This being an Open House and the door being open, we walked right into a spacious room with 18 ft ceilings and walls of windows set off by a magnificent stone fireplace. There was no sign of the agent but I could hear people talking somewhere in the house.  “Hello?” I said and soon the agent floated in to greet us.  “We’re here to see the house,” I commented, stating the obvious. “Good,” she said and handed me her card.  “There’s another couple looking right now, but please sit down and enjoy the view and I’ll be with you in a moment.”  She began to glide away. “Wait!” I said.  The agent turned to look at us in a slightly superior manner.  Beth seemed a little stunned by my sense of urgency. “My wife and I have seen enough of the house.  We’re ready to buy.” “Excuse me?” the agent said but her tone was friendlier now. “Are you working with another agent?” “No,” I said.  “If you’ll give us the contract I’ll give you a check right now.”  I turned to Beth and nodded.  She confirmed my decision by nodding back.    At that moment the other couple that were looking at the house entered the room.  “Are you putting in an offer?” the man asked. “Yes, a full price offer.”
The agent excused herself while she gathered the necessary papers and when she returned, the man spoke out.  “My wife and I offer an additional $5,000. for the house.”  He gave me a rather smug ‘take that’ kind of look. I quickly estimated that I could beat that offer and countered with an additional $10,000.  I felt like a broker on the New York Stock Exchange. At that moment, yet another couple entered the house and when they realized there was a bidding war going on, they jumped right in.  The woman who was obviously the spokesperson for the couple announced that they would offer $1,690,000. all cash.  Calmly the agent confirmed the offer. “You are offering $200,000 over the asking price?” “That’s correct,” the spokeswoman said.   I did some quick mental math and came to the conclusion that we were in over our heads.  I had just made a full price offer on at home listed for $1,490,000.
Beth clutched her belly and made some unintelligible sound.  For more than one reason, it was seriously time to go. I don’t know who ended up buying the place because the next couple months Beth and I had our hands full caring for our healthy twin boys while cramped in our minimalist, one bedroom apartment.  A few months after they were born, Ian Taylor, an expert on Oro Valley real estate called to say he found the perfect home for us in Oro Valley.  You can visit his Website at to see all the properties for sale in the Tucson – Oro Valley area. After we moved in to our delightful new home, I had a chance to tell Ian about the home we almost bought in Stone Canyon and about the flyer we found on his desk.  “Oh, that was a misprint,” he explained. “And to make matters worse, the listing agent neglected to inspect the flyer before sending out hundreds of them to potential buyers.  One of her competitors got hold of some of those flyers and handed them out to local agents for a good laugh.” Ian laughed and I laughed right along with him but only to hide my embarrassment at entering into a bidding war on a property that was ten times over my budget.
Billy Teasdale