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Therapy Topics for a Research Paper

Writing a university essay or dissertation calls for thinking about. This is distinct but some students forget about to organize. They begin considering it the previous day it really is anticipated, land in the core of any major problem, and also wind up adding right down no matter theyve scrabbled alongside one another at about 5am a subsequent afternoon. This is usually a occur. Instead, you should have carried out adequate browsing and then investigation ahead of time so that you could get a plan. Continue reading

Lenders and Facebook



Lenders Generating Your Facebook Score

Can You Believe This Shit?      

For about a year, there have been stories floating around that lenders are using social media to find out more about borrowers.

If you have a steady job and a good credit score, you don’t have anything to worry about. But if you’re young, have inadequate credit, work for yourself, or otherwise don’t meet conforming loan requirements, you might watch out for the “Facebook Score.”

It’s a new trend called alternative data which is used to help determine what kind of a person you are – the kind who pays back loans or the kind who defaults.

FSBO For Sale By Owner-Disaster?



FSBO Disaster?

Too Many People to Deal With

The buyer who wants the best deal possible

The buyer’s agent who solely represents the best interest of the buyer

The buyers attorney or title company

The home inspection companies which work for the buyer and will almost always find some problems with the house

The appraiser if there is a question of value

Your bank in the case of a short sale


92% of buyers search online for a home. 28% looking at print newspaper ads. Most real estate agents have an internet strategy to promote the sale of your home. FSBO probably not

Results from the Internet

Where do buyers find the home they actually purchased?

43% on the internet

9% from a yard sign

1% from newspapers

The days of just putting up a sign and putting it in the paper are long gone. Having a strong internet strategy is crucial.

FSBO is More Difficult

Paperwork involved in selling and buying a home has increased dramatically due to mandatory disclosures and regulations. Percentage of FSBO Sales has dropped from 19% to 9%.

Net More Money when Using an Agent

Homeowners believe that they will save the real estate commission by selling on their own. The seller and buyer can’t both save the commission.

A typical house sold FSBO sells for $184,000 while the typical house sold by an agent sells for $230,000.   An agent can’t get $46,000 but people are more likely to FSBO in markets where prices are lower. However, it does show that selling on your own might not make sense.


Before you decide to take on the Massive Task of FSBO, meet with an Experienced Realtor in your marketplace and see what they have to offer.